'SAEDSERIES SYSTEMS

                                                            Very long detection System

for explosives, ammunition, IED’s, UXO, drugs  & underground vacuum/oil/opal/platinum

                                and any kind of material Detection and Localization

                SPINOTRON ® system                     &                  ENDR  ® system            


            Picture 1 : The SPINOTRON ® system                               Picture 2 : The ENDR  ® system      

The brand NEW Very long and for underground detection systems designed to do a quick and efficient survey of Very Long Distances (from 0 to > 10000m according to the mass of the target) Remote Detection & Localization of any material structure (explosives, UXO’s, bombs, IED’s, ammunition, Drugs, underground vacuum, mineral oil /platinum, live/dead humans, metals, gold, copper and any other substance that the client wants to detect ang get us a small sample) setting aside every similar substance.


A MAGNET TUNED RECEPTOR is using for tuning with the target (material to be detect).



Picture 3 : The Magnetic tuned Receptor®  sub system


          Picture 4 and 5  : SPINOTRON  &  ENDR Support®  sub system


Designed to do a quick and efficient survey of material structures in distances from 0 to > 10 Km, setting aside every similar substance.  SPINOTRON & ENDR  uses D.R.A.M.S.  (a registered patent) method to locate the target and represent the explosive location on a GIS (Geographical Information System) environment. D.R.A.M.S.  is a fully C4ISR system, giving to director of operations the ability to remotely control and monitoring operations in real time.


Picture 6 : The DRAMS EWS®  screen on a laptop server

SPINOTRON & ENDR   systems used by D.R.A.M.S. Early Warning System (an EDE TECH registered patent ) method to locate the target and represent it  location on a GIS environment. D.R.A.M.S.  EWS is a fully C4ISR system, giving the ability to remotely control and monitoring targets in real time.



Picture 6 : The DRAMS EWS®  system for SPINOTRON systems         Picture 7 : The fulll DRAMS EWS®  pacage


Magnetic fields are not affected from any given barrier, which means that SPINOTRON ® & ENDR  ® can detect tergets hidden behind concrete walls, metal cases etc. and is especially useful in covert scenarios that allows detection of targets within a distance > 10 Km (depending on the mass of target) behind and through all types of obstacles (including concrete, steel etc.).


·         Geographical Information System




          Provides area protection against target approaching


          Very long detection range over 10 Km


          Easy target depth found from very long distance


          Working from inside a room/car/vehicle, etc


           Precision in detection &  ease of use


          Simultaneous Detection of any material  or no material structure


          Effective Detection of any kind of pre tuned target 


          Very Long Distance and Accuracy


          Working Environment Flexibility


          Zero preparation time to work


          Penetrates any kind of barriers (steel, wood, concrete, mountains, etc)



Magnetic tuned systems acting always as a magnetic compass.  The SPINOTORN & ENDR Engine  creates a specific electromagnetic field (Modulated EMF) that  modulated from a specific sensor.  The created EMF modulated by the electron-vibration activity energizes mostly Nitrogen based explosives.  This primary magnetic field interferes with other environmental present EMF’s and creates the necessary conditions for interaction, which appears between the SPINOTORN & ENDR (for explosives materials those containing N (ions NO2, NO3) and  O- (oxygen negative ion)).


Were to use


Kidnapping / Investigation

                                                        DNA SPINOTORN & ENDR TECH could locate a living kidnapped person from tenths of kilometers distance* in a few minutes using his DNA sample.

        Border control / immigrants in the sea / missing persons

                                                        HUMAN SPINOTORN & ENDR TECH could locate living or dead body from tenths of kilometers distance* in a few minutes.

         For Army , Police, VIP, Official and Intelligence use

                                              SPINOTORN & ENDR TECH could locate DRUGS, explosives, IED, UXO, bombs, ammunition, mines etc from tenths of kilometers distance*.        

Minerals, Oil, Gas, Platinum, Opal, Gold, water.

     SPINOTORN & ENDR TECH could locate any underground  mineral from hundred of kilometers distance* in a few minutes.

Increasing  safety/ Combined ‘SPINOTORN & ENDR tech’ systems with existing explosive detection systems  (X-RAY, TRACE detection, LASER tech, RAMMAN)


       SPINOTORN & ENDR TECH could detect and locate any material or no material ( as underground vacuum even humans ) from tenths of kilometers distance * All above products are copywrite and protected by the num 12533 and num 13895 contructs(E.U. official Notaries office)







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