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EDE Technologies owned 17 patents ( ), as a result of multilevel, personal research that we do many years now. In our opinion the valuable work will resolve effectively the nowadays problems of a peculiar society with so many dangers. All inventions come with a relative government owned certification, from the responsible government owned institution of certification. SAED: WMTS, SPINOTORN, MAGNOTRON & ENDR TECHNOLOGIES are copywrite and protected by the num 12533 and num 13895 contructs(E.U. official Notaries office).

Our up today research ( ) done up to now in military technology (9 patents), in counterterrorist fight (4), Multilevel computer security (2), human health (1) and systems of survival in transport means (1).

In 2003, we start Research about the WMTS tech ( ). This research in corporation with the Cyprus Geopathetic Research Institute tract us to establish EDE Technologies ( ) as a software house in early beginning and as a developer later by the name 'TETRADONIC LTD CYPRUS'.

EDE Technologies developed DRAMS Early Warning System Controlling Application and 'SPINOTRON'  SERIES sensors systems software, embedded in ‘SPINOTRON tech’, a unique worldwide C4ISR system (  ) that detects, localize and records in real time many predefined material structures (as explosives, narcotics, living humans, metals, water, dead persons etc) even from 20.000 meters long.

This is a patent (method and system - ) (patent number n: GR20070100067 2008-09-19 IPC: G01V3/14; G01V3/14) ( )

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