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Terms of use

Thank you for visiting the EDE TECHNOLOGIES (hereafter, "EDE TECHNOLOGIES ") Web site. By using this Site you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this legal notice. This web site is a property of the ‘EDE Technologies ltd’ company. Before you enter in this web page, we kindly request to read the terms of use that follow, because the use presupposes unconditional acceptance of this terms. Entry in the present web site involves automatically your consent at the being in effect legislation about ‘personal data protection’. ‘EDE Technologies ltd’ company, is held her right to modify the below terms of use whenever, without previous briefing. In every case the new terms are in effect from their publication at this web site. The access and use afterwards the time of publication of the new terms, presuppose and involve their unconditional acceptance. The present terms should not be confused with any other web site. They exclusively concern the use of our web page. Any difference results from the present terms, include also what concerns their interpretation, are under the Greek Lows and it will be solved at Athens Courts.


Unless otherwise noted, all information, marks and corporate logos found on this Web site are subject to the trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property rights of EDE TECHNOLOGIES . Without prior written approval, material found on this Web site may not be copied, modified or reprinted, whether in part or in whole, beyond the limits of personal use as clearly stipulated in relevant copyright laws.

Prohibited Acts

In order to ensure satisfactory usage of this Site for all visitors, the following acts are prohibited:

1. Acts that violate the privacy of others, including but not to posting personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses, or e-mail addresses.

2. Acts that offend or may offend public order and morals.

3. Acts that may cause EDE TECHNOLOGIES or a third party disadvantage or damage, as well as acts that may defame the honour and/or reputation of EDE TECHNOLOGIES or a third party.

4. Use or supply of malicious programs such as computer viruses, or acts that may result in the same.

5. False claims or applications, such as registration using another’s e-mail address.

6. Acts for business operation or profit, or acts in preparation therefore, without permission from EDE TECHNOLOGIES .

7. Acts that solicit business operations or commercial activities in which EDE TECHNOLOGIES is not involved, such as a pyramid scheme.

8. Acts that violate or may violate duly established laws, regulations or other codes.

9. Other acts that EDE TECHNOLOGIES determines are inappropriate.


While EDE TECHNOLOGIES makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all materials and other information on this Web site are correct, EDE TECHNOLOGIES does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, usefulness or certainty of the contents of this Web site. Users shall use this Web site at their sole discretion, and EDE TECHNOLOGIES shall not be responsible for any damage of any kind resulting from use of this Web site. In addition, EDE TECHNOLOGIES reserves the right to change aspects of this Web site including its design, terms of use, URL, material posted therein and/or operating framework, or to suspend the Web site service, without prior notice.


All materials posted on third-party Web sites linked to or from this Web site are managed exclusively by the relevant third parties. When using such Web sites, please follow the terms of use of the site in question. EDE TECHNOLOGIES shall not be responsible for such Web site materials or for any damage caused by using such Web sites.
The linking of any external Web site to this Web site shall not imply EDE TECHNOLOGIES ’s endorsement of the use of the external Web site, products and services found on the external Web site, or any company sponsoring the external Web site.

Contact EDE TECHNOLOGIES if you wish to provide a link to this Web site on your own Web site.

Note that EDE TECHNOLOGIES shall decline links that may give users an incorrect impression of this Web site’s materials or obfuscate the ownership of this Web site, such as by the display of the EDE TECHNOLOGIES site in an HTML frame or by similar acts.

Conditions for links shall be changed as necessary. Those users who already have a link to this Web site shall comply with the latest conditions.

In present web site are provide interconnections at other web pages, (links or in any other way) the content of which - and so is by any chance offered services and/or products and/or information - do not check the ‘EDE Technologies Ltd’ company, and for which it is not accountable in any way. The user recognizes that access in other (except EDE Technologies ltd) web pages and the use of those web pages, is further realised at his exclusive responsibility.

Handling of Personal Information

The personal information that EDE TECHNOLOGIES solicits on the Web site is essentially to customer names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and mailing addresses, where this information is necessary for EDE TECHNOLOGIES to provide its services. EDE TECHNOLOGIES does not alter the information collected on the Site without the consent of the customers.

EDE TECHNOLOGIES does not supply or disclose customers’ personal information to third parties, except in cases where customers have given their permission in advance or in cases where there are other valid reasons. However, EDE TECHNOLOGIES may disclose information in urgent situations where doing so is necessary to protect human life or human rights, or in cases where EDE TECHNOLOGIES receives direction or orders to do so based on legal requests from judicial organs, police or other authorities. In such cases, EDE TECHNOLOGIES will not keep the disclosure from its customers.

RecommenEDE Environment

In order to ensure smooth use of this Site, EDE TECHNOLOGIES recommends accessing the Site under an environment that satisfies the following requirements. Also, please note that there may be cases where certain areas of the Site that make use of special technologies are not accessible to all visitors even if their environments satisfy the following requirements.

Recommended EDE Browsers

• Windows
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• Macintosh
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RecommenEDE Display Resolution

• Resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater
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• Cookies
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Rights intellectual and industrial property

This web page is only offered for personal use and it does not give no other right for the user, which recognizes that the signals and each right intellectual and/or industrial property on the content, belongs exclusively in the ‘EDE Technologies ltd’ company. Consequently the user is not eligible to copy, to repeat, to print, to modify, to sell or with any way to acquire commercial profit from the content of this web site, without the written consent of the ‘EDE Technologies ltd’ company, always of course under the reserve of by any chance opposite provision of the effect legislation.

Responsibility Restriction

Ltd’ company does not guarantee for the correctness or precision of elements that is contained here, or it is for texts or on photographs or on any type information, from anyone and if were registered and does not bring any responsibility for by any chance damage or loss, positive, negative or other, that by any chance was caused or is caused by the use this web site or the access in this, include the cases of where such type damage it is owed in inaccurate elements or information, at mentioning before. The responsibility exemption of the ‘EDE Technologies ltd’ company, which the user accepts unconditionally with alone the use of present web site, is not extend in cases of death or bodily damage from deceit or heavy negligence.

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